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"Learning and Growing through Success and Failure."

Taylor Williams


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Welcome to the Taylor Williams' Experience

Hello and thank you for visiting my eFolio website. My name is Taylor Williams and I am a senior at Holy Cross College. I will be graduating in December with a Bachelor's Degree in Communications and a minor in Marketing. I graduated from Riley High School in South Bend, Indiana, but I am originally from Niles, Michigan.  

Although I am from the area, Holy Cross was not my first choice when it came to higher education. I transferred to Holy Cross from Anderson University after my freshman year. The move back home was based largely on the birth of my son and the need for me to be close to home so I could take care of him. With that being said, Holy Cross gave me the opportunity to fulfill my education and athletic needs, while also being able to stay around my family.

I first learned about Holy Cross in high school when they were recruiting me to play basketball for them. Coming out of high school I wanted to move away for college and see how life would be on my own. I enjoyed the experience of living on my own and making my own decisions about things, but life and responsibilities brought me back home. Although the freedom was gone Holy Cross opened doors to many new opportunities for me. Over the next three years I would be introduced to many people and experiences that would be life changing and instrumental in the formation of my outlook on life.

I would like to encourage you to take the time and continue to browse through the rest of the provided information and get a more in depth view of my experiences at Holy Cross.

Thanks again for coming!

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